Duckweed and Worm Home Farming Guide

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Duckweed and Worm Home Farming Guide


The Duckweed and Worm Home Farming eBook will help you to create a more Sustainable, Self-Reliant Aquaponic Gardening System. By growing Duckweed and Worms right at home, you will be able to offset or virtually eliminate the fish feed that you are purchasing.

Ever wonder if there is a better use for Kitchen Scraps than the garbage can or compost bin? Using your kitchen scraps to feed your Aquaponic Garden, will feed your plants, fish and worms! Producing too many worms in your garden? Sell them to local gardeners, fishers, or go fishing yourself. Produce worm castings and use them as a natural fertilizer for your house plants or backyard soil garden.

In this eBook you will learn about:

How to Grow Duckweed, Proper Handling, Setting the Right Environment for Duckweed, Harvesting Duckweed, Troubleshooting Duckweed Issues, Best Composting Worms, How to Grow Them, Setting the Right Environment, Types of Growing Systems, Harvesting Worms and Vermicompost, Worm Castings as Fertilizer, and Troubleshooting Worm Issues