Greenhouses, Cold, & Hot Frames

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Greenhouses, Cold, & Hot Frames


Building the right environment is crucial when it comes to successful gardening. By providing your plants with the environment in which they are able to grow and flourish within will drastic increase yields. Whether you are growing in a greenhouse, cold frame, or hot frame, this eBook will give you with insights into different growing environments  that will provide you a foundation on which to grow.

Also included in this eBook is a Gardening Method that very few people know, or ever talk about…Many other Books, eBooks, and Guides do not cover the topic. With this growing method it can help you to increase the number of harvests that you have EVERY year…year after year…giving you more out-of-season fruits, vegetables and produce right now, while increasing your market share of produce!

In this eBook you will learn about:

Greenhouses, Cold Frames, Hot Frames, What these Are, Types, Sizes, Shapes, and Designs of These Structures, Materials They are Made From, Best Placement for These Systems to Flourish, Covering Materials and Types, Climate Control, Air Circulation, Air Ventilation, Heating, Misting Systems, Shading Greenhouses, Greenhouse Security and Increasing Yields, Supplemental Lighting, and Light Deprivation Methods