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Air and Growing Environment

Creating the ideal Growing Environment for your Aquaponic Garden to run and flourish takes time. There are careful considerations that need to be made to create the right growing environment. With some fine-tuning adjustments to be made that will get things set just right, with some adjusting of room components and some re-arranging.

This book covers many of the basics that need to be considered and properly setup to create your ideal Growing Environment in your greenhouse, home, or outdoor garden before you start upyour Aquaponic Garden.

In this eBook you will learn about:

Air Movement, Plant Stomata, Air Circulation, Ventilation, Fan Systems, Ducting, Room Intake Air, Air Filtration and Garden Security, Temperature, Humidity, and Carbon Dioxide Basics


DIY Hydroponic Growing Systems

In this eBook you will learn about six of the most commonly used Hydroponic Systems by gardeners today. You will find out how they are built, how they work, and how they function. With a diagrams of each of these systems, a  list of the materials and tools that are required to build them, as well as instructions on system assembly are included. After reading this eBook, you will be able to custom build your own systems right at home.

In addition, you will learn how to make modifications to your system, connecting one type of system to another, giving you a system that will grow with your experience. Build a network of Hydroponic Growing Systems or connect your system to a fish tank and create your own customized Aquaponic System. Hydroponic System care and feeding instructions for each of the systems are provided.

In this eBook you will learn about:

Bucket Bubbler System, Deep Water Culture System, Ebb and Flow System, Aeroponics System, Nutrient Film Technique, Window Garden Systems


Duckweed and Worm Home Farming Guide

The Duckweed and Worm Home Farming eBook will help you to create a more Sustainable, Self-Reliant Aquaponic Gardening System. By growing Duckweed and Worms right at home, you will be able to offset or virtually eliminate the fish feed that you are purchasing.

Ever wonder if there is a better use for Kitchen Scraps than the garbage can or compost bin? Using your kitchen scraps to feed your Aquaponic Garden, will feed your plants, fish and worms! Producing too many worms in your garden? Sell them to local gardeners, fishers, or go fishing yourself. Produce worm castings and use them as a natural fertilizer for your house plants or backyard soil garden.

In this eBook you will learn about:

How to Grow Duckweed, Proper Handling, Setting the Right Environment for Duckweed, Harvesting Duckweed, Troubleshooting Duckweed Issues, Best Composting Worms, How to Grow Them, Setting the Right Environment, Types of Growing Systems, Harvesting Worms and Vermicompost, Worm Castings as Fertilizer, and Troubleshooting Worm Issues


Greenhouses, Cold, & Hot Frames

Building the right environment is crucial when it comes to successful gardening. By providing your plants with the environment in which they are able to grow and flourish within will drastic increase yields. Whether you are growing in a greenhouse, cold frame, or hot frame, this eBook will give you with insights into different growing environments  that will provide you a foundation on which to grow.

Also included in this eBook is a Gardening Method that very few people know, or ever talk about…Many other Books, eBooks, and Guides do not cover the topic. With this growing method it can help you to increase the number of harvests that you have EVERY year…year after year…giving you more out-of-season fruits, vegetables and produce right now, while increasing your market share of produce!

In this eBook you will learn about:

Greenhouses, Cold Frames, Hot Frames, What these Are, Types, Sizes, Shapes, and Designs of These Structures, Materials They are Made From, Best Placement for These Systems to Flourish, Covering Materials and Types, Climate Control, Air Circulation, Air Ventilation, Heating, Misting Systems, Shading Greenhouses, Greenhouse Security and Increasing Yields, Supplemental Lighting, and Light Deprivation Methods


Indoor Gardens & CO2 Enrichment

Are you planning on building your Aquaponics Gardening System Indoors? This eBook covers the many necessities for setting up an great indoor garden and gardening area, with thoughts and considerations on indoor spaces, supplemental lighting, indoor garden setup with step-by-step basic instructions, as well as Two Topics for Indoor Systems that no other Aquaponics Instructor, Book, eBook, or Guide covers…

Learn to build a single system that produces food in multiple seasons simultaneously, giving you your own 4 Seasons grow room that will provide you with both in-season and out-of-season produce, producing food year-round when you need it and when you want it, no matter what the season may be. Also covered in this book is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Enrichment setup and techniques that will give your indoor garden a natural boost of growth.

In this eBook you will learn about:

Areas to Grow, Multiple Room Indoor Garden, Thoughts and Considerations When Setting up an Indoor Garden, CO2 Enrichment, Measuring CO2, Produce CO2, Emitter Systems, Generator Systems, Monitoring, and Other Ways to Make CO2


Seeds, Germination, and Seedlings

Are you new to Gardening and need to learn more about Germination and starting seeds? Getting started on the right foot is not only crucial, but it feels great when things start out smoothly. From purchasing your seeds to starting your seeds and germinating them.

Creating, setting, and maintaining the right environment for your seeds and seedlings will have a great influence on whether your seeds will be viable and remain viable to germinate. Learn to Increase your Seed Germination Success Rate!

In this eBook you will learn about:

About Seeds, Ordering Seeds, Storing Seeds, Seed Pests, Water and Germination, Temperature and Germination, Air (Oxygen), Pre-Soaking in Water Germination Technique, Direct Seed Germination Technique, Lighting, Humidity, Seedlings, and a General Timelines for Germinating Seeds